DataBAES is the first archive which collects information on structural components and artistic heritage in terms of the weak points in the masonry, as well as on obvious damage done to them before and after earthquakes strike.
The information is collected onsite via survey forms, which employ current maps as well as recommendations and classifications (EMS 98, UNI EN 1182:2006). These forms can be accessed in written form, providing a technical means by which the best methods for conserving the heritage in an area can be planned.
The archive of information consists of intensive case studies of subjects such as decorative devices (e.g. paintings, plaster and mosaics), and genuine structural elements which support the building (e.g. walls, vaults and pillars).
The database can be accessed via a registration process in which consent is given to view the available case studies/effectuate new instalments. The survey forms (models A-DC, B-DP, C-BM) can then be downloaded as a PDF. It is also possible to download instructions on how to compile them (in PDF format).
University of Padova
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version 1.11 - march 2018
DataBAES (Database di correlazione vulnerabilità e danno Beni Artistici ed Elementi Strutturali) was created by the University of Padova.
DataBAES collects and organises information regarding the location, morphology and vulnerability of artefacts related to significant “macroelements”, i.e. underlying factors, of the capacity of buildings to withstand earthquakes. It also records any damage done to the buildings. In addition to this, it contains information regarding the nature of the damage and how vulnerable cultural-historic artefacts are, with reference to the environmental setting of the second level paper survey forms.
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